Company Profile

About the founder –

Started in the year 1986 by Mr.Taher Lohani , Hardware Corner is a one stop solution center. He brings years of experience and expertise to the table , amd firmly believes that , interior hardware is as much about functionality as it is about taste. And with that mindset ,he listens to his customers with earnest curiosity and offers not just products but ideas on how to revamp your interior. No wonder he is often called as “The Specialist”.

Hardware corner is not just another hardware shop around the corner, what distinguishes us is the fact that we apply ourselves, we think before we sell.


We house a large variety of interior hardware. Our expertise lies in functional hardware and providing unique solutions to our varied client base. We also provide custom solutions and can source materials from across the globe.

Clients Served

Our clients range from Architects, Interior designers, Contractors, home makers , carpenters . We have also undertaken complete construction projects .

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